Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you a private, Christian school that meets 5 days a week?

No, we are NOT a school; we are a co-op and what's called a PSP (a private satellite program) that is for homeschoolers only.  We offer record keeping and extracurricular activities for homeschooling families a few times a month.  Our campus days meet usually twice a month on Thursdays and are mandatory for students and the homeschooling parent, as it is the heart of our program.  


How often does Fairhaven meet for campus days?  Where do you meet?

We meet usually twice a month during the school year, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, from 1:00pm - 4:00pm.  We meet at a church property in Burbank that we rent just for campus days; it is located near the LA Equestrian Center and the former Pickwick Ice Rink.  On the 2nd Thursdays of each month we have a field trip, and the last Fridays of the month we serve at Children's Hunger Fund. 


Can I drop off my child to campus days and pick them up when it's over?

No, we do not allow students to be dropped off.  We are a true co-op; thus, parents are expected to be on campus as well.  All parents must either teach or assist in the classes we offer; thus, on campus days it's "all hands on deck."  We believe campus days, and all that we offer, is just as important for parents to build friendships and community as it is for our children.  We also offer once a month Moms Nights Outs, as we believe it's a gift for our moms to connect.    


What does Fairhaven being a co-op mean?  Do I have to teach a class?

Fairhaven is a co-op, which means all parents pitch in to run our school.  No one has to teach a class, but if not teaching, parents will assist in a class that is being taught on campus days.  Apart from working in the classrooms on campus days, all parents must also volunteer in other ways--examples being helping set up or clean up, leading the yearbook team or helping to organize certain events. Our school is led by a leadership team of amazing volunteers, and we believe that many hands make light work.  Families of Fairhaven work together to make it the incredible community that it is.  


How many families are part of Fairhaven?

We are very small and intimate; we have on average about 35-40 families, which makes for around 100 people on campus days and field trips.  We enroll children in grades 1st-12th, and on average we have about five students per grade.  


How would one describe the 'culture' at Fairhaven?

Fairhaven is very much like its name--it is a safe haven, apart from the world, but in it, that offers fellowship and community to homeschoolers.  Fairhaven is sweet,  small and feels like family.  Some words to describe our culture would be friendly, accepting, compassionate, fun, genuine and easy-going.  We are families that seek to put Jesus first in our lives as we homeschool along with one another in love.


What church is affiliated with Fairhaven Christian Academy?

Fairhaven is not affiliated with any specific church or denomination.  We are a community of Bible believing, born-again Christians, and FCA families attend various Christian churches in the area.  Although we rent our school property from a local church in Burbank, we as a school are not affiliated with the church in any other way. 


What if I just want to come to Fairhaven's field trips?

Just being part of field trips is not what we offer.  Members of Fairhaven are required to come to all campus days (14 total in the school year--usually twice a month).  Once a month field trips and volunteering at Children's Hunger Fund are strongly encouraged but are not mandatory--campus days are mandatory.  Most families come to all that we offer.  


What homeschool curriculum does Fairhaven use?

Fairhaven does not use or endorse any specific homeschool curriculum, as we are a co-op of families who are privately educating our children at home.  Thus, we do not provide curriculum, nor do we endorse any specific curriculum; all Fairhaven families choose their own curriculums and teaching methods.  We can, of course, help you find a curriculum that might best suit your needs, if you are new to homeschooling and need some suggestions.  Please see the bottom of our resources tab for some suggestions.  


How much is tuition per year?

Tuition is on average around $500 per family for the entire school year; please see our tuition document on our resources page to review exact prices.  


Is Fairhaven an accredited school?

No, we are not an accredited school; rather, we are a homeschooling PSP that offers twice a month campus days (that include chapel and classes taught by parents), monthly field trips, service opportunities, and record-keeping that meets California state requirements.  We provide official transcripts as well.  


Do you accept charter families?

Yes, we do, although we might not be able to accept any charter families for the 2024/205 school year as we are currently at our maximum charter family capacity.  We do, at times, accept a small number of charter school families; however, we allow no more than 1/4 of our families to be schooling through charters.  Please note, however, that we do not accept charter school funds or vouchers, nor are we a charter school vendor.  The majority of our families do not school through charters and choose Fairhaven as their PSP for record keeping.


Why do you limit the amount of charter families? 

Fairhaven Christian Academy is open to full enrollment students as well as a select number of charter students. We limit the enrollment of charter students for two distinct reasons.


First of all, many homeschool families in our area choose to homeschool privately, paying for all educational costs themselves, often on one income. At Fairhaven, one of the ways we support these families is by keeping our tuition as low as possible so that these families have access to social and educational opportunities that might otherwise be unaffordable. For those families receiving charter funds, social and educational opportunities may be more accessible, so we try to save enrollment space for private homeschool families needing these opportunities.


Secondly, a requirement of enrollment in Fairhaven is membership with the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) for legal protection and guidance. HSLDA cannot provide membership to charter students since they are under the authority of the public school system. So in an effort to protect our school and families, we limit our charter students enrollment to 25% to limit our risk of liability and influence of the public school system. Anyone seeking more information about privately homeschooling can reach out to our leadership team for guidance or further questions.


What classes does Fairhaven offer?

Fairhaven offers what we refer to as "enrichment" classes.  Parents school their children at home in all of the core subjects; the classes we offer are more like elective classes for fellowship and fun.  Classes change every year, based on what parents choose to offer; examples of some of our classes we have offered in the past are watercolor, drama, art, finance, physical education, American sign language, German, sewing, literature, quilting and STEM Legos.   


How do I join Fairhaven?

If you are interested in applying for the 2024-2025 school year, kindly contact us to receive an application. Because of the fact that we are a small school, and must remain that size so we don't grow out of our current buildings, we cannot accept everyone that applies.  We usually only have room to accept a few new families per year.  With our changing world, and more people choosing to homeschool, our admissions process has become more competitive.  Thus, in applying, please consider other homeschooling communities as well; we recommend La Crescenta CHEA for weekly fellowship and play dates.  


What is involved in Fairhaven's application process?

Our application process takes place during the month of April.  There is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $25. The application asks for basic information and for two character references--both from non-family members, and one being from a current church leader of the church you and your family regularly attend.  If transferring from a school, transcripts will need to be transferred if admitted. It is also mandatory for all (non-charter) Fairhaven families to join HSLDA and to keep their membership active each year in order to remain enrolled at FCA.  As has already been mentioned, we are not able to accept all applicants that apply; thus, we encourage all applicants to continue to seek for other homeschooling communities during the application process.  


Any other questions?  

Feel free to contact us via our online contact form with additional questions, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.  Thank you for considering Fairhaven, and we pray that the Lord leads you perfectly, in all wisdom and clarity, as you seek Him for His best for your children and family. 




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